What do you need to know before you get out on the floor? What is ballroom dancing? Merriam-Webster defines it as “any of various usually social dances (as the tango, two-step, and waltz) in which couples perform set moves.” But the easiest definition is: anything you see on Dancing with the Stars!

We have instructors who are well-versed in the traditional ballroom dances as well as salsa, West Coast Swing, Country dancing, and line dancing. You do not need to bring your own partner to take classes at Dance Tonight. Both singles and couples are welcome in our private lessons and group classes.

Getting ready for an event or wedding? You may need to start sooner than you think depending on what your goals are for your dancing. Call today to set up an introductory lesson and your instructor can put together a plan for you no matter if your event is next month or next year. (Or next week! But hopefully you haven’t waited that long!) You do not need ballroom shoes for your first class. For ladies, we recommend a shoe with a heel height you are comfortable in and one that has a back or strap on the shoe so it does not slide off your foot. For the gentlemen, dress shoes or something similar with a leather or thin rubber sole will be the easiest to dance in. Flip flops and sneakers are not recommended. For more information see the FAQ on the Wedding Page by clicking here.

And above all, be patient with your and your peers’ progress! Learning to Ballroom Dance takes time. Don’t be discouraged if you do not learn as quickly as you would like. The more you dance, the more you will gain confidence and be comfortable on the dance floor. Remember, perfect dance does not exist- everyone is learning and it is all about the fun of the experience!