Just Ask Liz

"She knows stuff"

Just Ask Liz is a Business Consulting firm located in East Tennessee. With over 26 years of experience with computers and networks, coupled with a degree in Business Administration I found that I was consulting on matters far beyond what kind of computer to purchase. I have had so many folks call about so many topics, that in 2007 it seemed the time had come to change the name and, since people with were calling with questions about computers, investigations, resumes, job qualifications, email tracing as well as general business practices, it seemed appropriate to change the name to “Just Ask Liz”.  I am winding down the business now and getting ready for some retirement so am not looking for more work.  But I can aim you in the right direction. The story behind the company name found it’s beginning in a reference letter written by a friend – years ago. It was a blanket endorsement of my abilities and can be read here.