Emily began her dance career training in flamenco, the traditional dance of Spain. She brings her fire and passion from this dance to the floor in her Latin dancing. After a few intro salsa lessons, she fell in love with the rhythms of Latin dancing and has been training in Latin and ballroom ever since.

Emily’s passion for music and dance began as a small child and has continued to fuel her professional career. Her ability to utilize the inner beats and melodies in music is one of her strongest assets in creating a feeling and a story in her dancing. Before pursuing her ballroom career she has had experience as a member of various symphonies for over ten years as well as background in musical theater.

Emily has been trained by some of the top professionals including Eddie Ares, Olga Kormonavskaya, and John King. She put in her time competing in the top ranks of Pro/Am in multiple styles before turning professional.

Emily competed with students at national events for many years, frequently taking top awards.  “Dancing is supposed to be fun. I love being able to help people forget their bad day or horrible week for a few hours. When my students ended their lesson with smiles, I knew I did a good job!”