Gaberial Akers

Gaberial Akers is originally from Princeton, West Virginia and started ballroom dancing in 2008. He started dancing because “In my little corner of the world in West Virginia, it was like nothing I’d ever seen before.”

He owned and operated his own dance business, ‘Timeless Ballroom’, from 2009-2015 and from 2012 served as an Adjunct Faculty Ballroom Dance instructor at Fairmont State University in West Virginia.

In 2015 Gabe moved to Tennessee.  He says he had reached the peak of opportunity for dance in West Virginia and wanted a larger market with more opportunity.

His favorite dances include Waltz, for its slow, graceful movements, Bachata for its ‘up close and personal’ intimate style and Rumba, the mother of all dances.

Gabe’s primary goal for his students is for them to be able to dance confidently and properly with any partner.

Gabe hopes to inspire people to fall in love with the idea of learning to dance and discover their potential.  He also feels it’s very important in social interactions to have healthy, positive touch with respectful boundaries. This is found in abundant perfection in ballroom dancing.

Taking his students to ballroom dance competitions brings him a special joy, and he’s very proud of their accomplishments. Many of his students have multiple First Place ribbons to show for their competitive efforts.

Gaberial also finds great personal joy and satisfaction from participating in numerous charitable, dance-related events.