Heather Johnson

Heather Johnson was born in Wisconsin, but has called Tennessee home since 2000. She’s always wanted to dance, even though she says she had no rhythm as a child.

Apparently she did though, because she started dancing in high school with jazz and hip hop and in 2012 became involved with her first taste of partner dancing, the Social Swing Dance Club. Ballroom dance followed soon after that and now she enjoys teaching others what she’s learned.

She favors the Bolero and the Rumba as her favorites, and loves to explore the unique styling of each dance. She believes every dance should tell a personal story. Heather feels the music move through every part of her body and teaches her students how to also feel the music and the importance of breathing through it.

Her number one goal for her students is for them to discover a newfound confidence in their abilities. She loves helping her students find strengths within themselves. She’s able to teach them the technical aspects of dancing that allow them to better feel the music. This enables her students to express their feelings and make them visually understood.