Riley Kliethermes

Riley Kliethermes is originally from Columbia, Missouri, but has called Knoxville home for the last 12 years. Riley’s interest in dancing started when she was 11 years old, as a member of her middle school dance team.

Her passion for ballroom dancing was triggered a couple of years later, with the first time she saw the movie “Shall We Dance”. Even at that young age, she fell in love with the grace and elegance of traditional ballroom dancing, and started taking ballroom classes for youth when she was in the eighth grade.

Riley took the opportunity during her college years at the University of Tennessee to become involved with the UT Ballroom Dance Team. She also began taking private lessons to help her improve upon her naturally gifted dancing ability.

Eventually, she took her talents to the competition floor, competing in multiple ballroom dance events and earning high marks from the judges, along with several awards for her outstanding dance achievements.

Her love of ballroom dancing has developed into the role of instructor as she now helps others discover all the things she loves about ballroom dancing. At the same time, she instills confidence in her students by uncovering new skills they weren’t even aware they possessed.

When pressed to choose a favorite dance, Riley claims the Viennese Waltz. This fast-paced waltz embodies a perfect combination of beautiful music, power and athleticism with the frame and upper body always showing a constant display of the pure elegance and grace Riley treasures so much in ballroom dancing.

One of her favorite parts of teaching is seeing the joy and smiles on the faces of her students as they discover new artistry they didn’t know they were capable of producing.

The most important thing she wants for her students is for them to have fun and enjoy a good time as they learn new skills, patterns and techniques.